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Sex Therapy

You deserve to see someone who has the training and skill to navigate your relationship. Most therapists have little to no training in sexuality. Even couples therapists don't often receive special training in understanding intimacy in relationships. 

Being an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Sarah has received over 200+ hours in sex therapy. She also has additional specialized training in sexual intimacy with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy. 

How Can Working with a Certified Sex Therapist Help?

Rebuilding Intimacy

No matter how long you have been together or the kind of relationship you have, a Certified Sex Therapist can help you connect at a deeper level. Using science-backed approaches, couples and partners will work on finding their spark when things have "fallen flat". It isn't just the physical that is focused on, but also the emotional connection.

Navigate More Than One Partnerships

Working with a Certified Sex Therapist, who is trained in working with open, swinging, or more than one relationship dynamics, you can learn to better navigate your relationship and help understand each other without shame, fear of judgement, or worry that your therapist will "shame you back to monogamy" (GROSS) 

No Fear of Judgement

Society, and sometimes therapists, can often shame folks for having different interests, things like being kinky, furry, or power-dynamics are all welcome at SexOneFour. 

But....Do I have to get naked???

 Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy where we work on sexual concerns, performance issues, and rebuilding emotional connection. All of this is done from the safety of your own couch and fully clothed. 

If you are seeking a sexual surrogate, Sarah can provide referrals to some excellent organizations.

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