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Lived Experience

I do not just have specialized training in the areas of kink, BDSM, and alternative lifestyles, I am an active member of the communities I support. 

I know first hand how hard it is to find a therapist "who gets it". I want my clients to know that I am understanding and knowledgeable about things they love that other folks don't seem to understand.

I have been involved in the furry community since 2008. Through that community I have also found the kink and leather communities, as well as explored my own experiences being in open and poly relationships.


My experience will not be the same as yours, but my involvement in it has helped me understand the nuances that no textbook or classroom can teach. 

How does this impact YOU? I recognize the issues that arise due to stigma and oppressive narratives. I have personal experiences in being heavily involved with the furry community, which has helped in shaping me to become a more open and competent therapist in understanding issues of stigma and oppression on marginalized communities. The community also helped me in shaping my own identity as a queer, kinky, poly, women. 

I view therapy as a change agent, not just within relationship, but politically. I take a humanistic approach to my practice, where I confront things like racism and stigma head on in my work. I know that these issues can create feelings of disconnection between yourself and those you love. I know it can impact your relationship, it can impact your sex life, it can impact your self expression, which is why I bring it into the room and talk about it directly.

Many therapist programs are "hetero-normative and monogamous", which is why I advocate for further education of clinicians. I have presented at multiple conferences and taught on the topics of kink, furry, and LGBT+  These allow the chance for therapists to expand their comfort level and gain knowledge so they can better serve kinky, poly, and furry folks. Additionally, I host panels at various furry conventions on topics like mental health, finding a therapist, and furry psychology.

Check out my interview from Midwest Furfest 2022 that was shown on:

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